Glynis Cooper

Manchester at War 1939–45

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Few could believe that within twenty years of the war to end all wars being wonthe world was once more at war. Veterans of the Great War feared going throughthe same horrific experience again and, even worse, many knew that this time theirchildren would also be involved in the fighting. What had all the sacrifice been for?Manchester had been badly hit by the Great War with many lives lost, familiesripped apart, industries destroyed. The cotton industry never recovered; especiallysince Japan, China and India offered cheaper cotton goods. Building and economicrecovery had been hindered by the Great Depression.The city was not ready to face another war, nor for the ferocity of the aerial attacksunleashed, nor for the treachery of the Black-Shirts. Yet somehow Manchester foundthe strength to unite against the enemy once more and ensure that Germany wouldnever be victorious.This book chronicles the difficulties, hardships, restrictions and morale of thecity year by year as the war dragged on, and is a timely reminder of how the localcommunity strived to fight the odds that were stacked against them.
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