Padraic O'Farrell

Who's Who in the Irish War of Independence and Civil War

With over 3000 entries in seven separate listings, this book is a major source of reference which puts a human face on these two defining conflicts. Drawing on family papers, extensive interviews and official records, Padraic O'Farrell gives detailed accounts of the involvement of soldiers, politicians, policemen and civilians, Irish and British alike — most of whom have never appeared in the pages of history. Appendices of casualties and executions, as well as a map and a thorough chronology, complete a picture of the tumultous period from Easter Week 1916 to the final spasms of the Civil War in 1923. O'Farrell's pioneering research brings an important, underdocumented era into focus for professional historian and general reader alike. It stands as a sober memorial to the men and women — from gun-runners to messengers to peace activists — who witnessed and shaped the birth of a new state.
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