Nourished, Pamela Wasabi
Pamela Wasabi


A guide to a plant-based diet, with recipes included, that “explores the relationship between the foods we consume and the way we feel” (Matthew Kenney, author of Cooked Raw).
Are you ready for the benefits of eating clean? Are you seeking a happy, health-filled life? Nourished, by plant-based chef and holistic nutrition expert Pamela Wasabi, invites you to discover a new love for and understanding of your body, and the importance of nourishment through plant-based eating. Pamela shows readers how learning to cook helped her overcome medical challenges and put her on the path to health through clean eating diet recipes and plant-based nutrition.
Find life-enhancing nourishment for both the body and the spirit and learn:
How to find peace within and let go of strict forms of dieting, perfection, and restrictionsHow to invite nourishment into your lifeHow every symptom or food issue we deal with is an invitation to get to know ourselves betterInspiration to be softer and more loving, and have unconditional acceptance for who we areAn appreciation for the joys of a plant based nutrition lifestyleHow to be mindful and present about our choices when it comes to food and healthHow to embark on a path of health and happinessPlus a selection of favorite clean eating diet recipes
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