George Keithley

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire is a fascinating and complex story. It’s a great read, but probably more importantly, it resonates. I’ve found myself mulling over the characters, their actions, their fates, long after finishing the novel.
—Clark Brown, author of the novel The Disciple and the short story collection Down in the Valley
George Keithley (is)~ precise and evocative; and I like the fact that he knows the American experience…a western writer who doesn’t write Westerns.
—Wallace Stegner, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Angle of Repose
Keithley’s talent is remarkable…
—Joyce Carol Oates, Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award author
Not only is George Keithley one of North America’s most soulful writers, he is exquisitely imaginative.
—Al Young, California Poet Laureate and author of the best-selling novel Sitting Pretty
So stunning…So rare in this day of atrophied emotion and numbed feeling.
The Washington Post
Keithley explores many themes: the transitoriness of life, the predatory nature of man and animal, the all—encompassing finality of death, and the ability, distinctly human, of transcendence.
Small Press Review
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