Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Spiritual Power

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Asking the question, how can we use spiritual power to help heal and transform the planet?, this visionary book contrasts spiritual and worldly power and introduces an esoteric tradition that needs to be reclaimed. This vital knowledge, held in trust by spiritual masters, shows how spiritual power can work in the world and how each person can make a dynamic contribution to help the world evolve. This is an important book, one that looks toward the integration of the wisdom of the earth and sky cultivated over the past 15000 years. Vaughan-Lee suggests that in order to liberate the love life and laughter that are already ours, we need to break down any artificial, conceptual, religious or materialist barriers that prevent us from experiencing them. If you want to learn how to be in service to the planet, SPIRITUAL POWER is an invaluable book. Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee shows us how we can direct our energy and light to create change. He shares his deep and profound insights about the true definition of power in a way that creates questions and answers as we move to the next evolution of consciousness.
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