Suzanne Llewellyn

Berta Saves the River/Berta salva el río

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This delightfully colorful book of expressive characters will engage children, parents, and teachers alike. It portrays real-life indigenous heroine, Berta Cáceres, in Honduras. Through the eyes of Ana, a young girl living in a beautiful, mountainous, and remote Lenca village, we see a drama of courage unfold. Against powerful odds, the villagers save their life-sustaining river from being dammed for the profit of others. Berta Saves the River is a much-needed bi-lingual addition to children's literature featuring a Central American heroine.
Ana adores Berta Cáceres, a beloved human rights and environmental activist, who works hard for the Lenca people. This inspirational story of Berta gives hope to people across the globe who want to protect their lives from environmental disaster so they are not forced to migrate.
It explains why even women with babies make the life-threatening journey north to the United States if their livelihoods are destroyed. This universal story of courage helps readers understand that they can participate in shaping their own futures.
From Justice Tales Press, this is a story that inspires activism. All profits from this book are sent to grassroots organizations in Honduras who are fighting for justice.
Learn more about the SHARE Foundation, a U.S. not for profit organization that has worked for 40 years in the region.
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