The Best Book On Event Planning Careers, Silvia Oppenheim
Silvia Oppenheim

The Best Book On Event Planning Careers

The U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics predicts that event planning employment will grow faster than the average career — 16% between 2008–2018.

With 56,950 jobs held by event planners in 2010, it's an exciting time to get into the industry. Whether you are a student in college or an event planner's intern, you can learn the organizational and communication skills to make your own name as an event planner.

Le Concierge SF founder, Silvia Oppenheim, shows you how she started a successful full-service hospitality service in the San Francisco Bay Area. She offers her top tips on building your resume, networking, and finding jobs as an event planner.

In this eBook, you'll find a step-to-step guide to conceptualizing and building your own event planning business.
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The best compliment at this stage is: “How did you read my mind?”
I start with a phone interview in which I discuss the date, location, theme, and budget. The last two are especially important.

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