Maggie Paley

The Book of the Penis

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The almighty penis (a.k.a. dick, schlong, pecker, rod, tool, Johnson, etc.) has long been a major object of adoration, revulsion, ridicule, amazement, joy, pride, and even frustration. But does anyone fully understand the penis? Novelist, playwright, and journalist Maggie Paley immersed herself in the obsessive world of this most forthright of organs, looking for answers high and low. She pored over scholarly volumes, anthropology texts, and sex-shop glossies; interviewed sex workers, transsexuals, and phallus connoisseurs of all stripes; attended male strip shows and a Hindu lingam ceremony; visited web sites where men share masturbation techniques; and even searched out the current location of Napoleon’s penis. And, yes, she objectively addresses the big question: “Does size matter?” Along the way, we encounter deliciously entertaining and highly informative chapters on penis worship, fellatio, and men who are famous for their dicks, as well as the penis in art, fashion, literature, films, and much more.This handsomely designed bedside companion, delightfully illustrated by Sergio Ruzzier, virtually erupts with facts, fallacies, fantasies, and amazing adventures, and is the perfect gift for women and men, straight and gay. It’s certain to develop classic stature.
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    Ксения Маренниковаcompartió una citahace 6 años
    The spell a witch was said to cast to disappear a penis was called a “glamour”—the origin of our word for magical appeal.
    Ксения Маренниковаcompartió una citahace 6 años
    According to Plutarch, Rome was founded by the offspring of a disembodied phallus and a servant girl.
    Ксения Маренниковаcompartió una citahace 6 años
    in fact Hermes is a word for penis in Greek
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