Howie Hayes

A Sissy in Training

John pushed his wife Andrea to be a cuckold for her, but he never knew that it would be this painful. Dates and dressing up, all for the other mystery lover, he wishes he could take it all back now. If Andrea only knew his other dirty, little secrets, there would be no going back and after she leaves for a tryst, the man at the door seems to know all of them. On his knees, John realizes that someone not only knows all of his hiding places and dirty fantasies, but he knows what sissies are actually good for. After a rough training session, John wonders if it's Andrea who has opened him up to a new life of sissy servitude. If not her, then who? This story contains water sports, sissification, forced bi, oral and BBC. Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. Get it Now and Enjoy!
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