Stella Jureix

Kaori Danatho – Episode 1

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A universe full of monsters, magic, and a heroine unlike any other…

On a giant continent, divided into many kingdoms, humans coexist with creatures born of magic. The lucky ones live in fortified cities and the less fortunate crowd around them. Long areas of wilderness separate these islands of stone, where monsters and criminals are rampant.

Kaori Danatho is a stirfauna, similar to humans, but with a different sexuality. A species both despised and desired for their particular attributes. Trapped in the heart of a fortress, Kaori summons a creature from the underworld to help her escape. A powerful being she will have to tame. But forging a bond with an underworlder is not without risks…

Discover the series “KAORI DANATHO”, written by Stella Jureix “under the influence of many hentai mangas, with a fondness for tentacles monsters and futanaris”!

This story contains Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Male, Monster-on-Futa, and Much More.
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