Fiona Mcarthur

Midwife On The Orient Express

A Christmas Miracle
Midwife Kelsie Summers dreamed of her holiday on Europe's most luxurious train. On departure she can't believe her ill-timing when she sees Dr Lucas Larimar on that platform in Venice.
Lucas hates surprises. Offering his seat to the woman who jilted him fifteen years before was bad, but leaving her with his meddling grandmother was a hundred times worse.
Transport yourself into the glamorous night and through the next thirty-six hours as emotion, an unexpected medical drama and grandmotherly interference help this midwife and doctor find their miracle for Christmas.

Fiona McArthur.. '…tells a story which resonates with everything Christmas stands for.' Harlequin Junkie.
MIDWIFE IN A MILLION “…Ms McArthur has created characters that any reader can fall in love with.” Cataromance
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