Katherine Green

Wild Butterflies

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Wild Butterflies by Katherine F. Green
For single parents doing the best they can, for grandparents weary from life’s demands, for all who yearn for understanding, Katherine F. Green’s debut novel Wild Butterflies is the multigenerational story of the Angell family. A family striving for love and going about it the wrong way.
Caught up in their own dysfunction, anxiety and drama, none of them realizes a real monster is waiting to strike. Feeling rejected by family and friends, Cory has taken up lying and stealing. Always angry Rita can’t figure out what this dapper old man sees in her and why she's still raising children. And Bill’s just confused, confused about his bitter mother, about his estranged and withdrawn daughter, about his ex-wife and about the beautiful woman he desires to know better.
Touching and human, Katherine F. Green’s debut novel Wild Butterflies is the tender story of a multigenerational family longing for understanding in difficult circumstances and the people who teach them what love really means.
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