The Grammar of English Grammars, Goold Brown
Goold Brown

The Grammar of English Grammars

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"Who to the life an exact piece would make,
Must not from others' work a copy take."—Cowley
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grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music.
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Grammarians are the guardians, not the authors, of language.
Muhammad Rizky
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Language, in the proper sense of the term, is peculiar to man; so that, without a miraculous assumption of human powers, none but human beings can make words the vehicle of thought.
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New topics, new definitions, new rules, have also been added; and all parts of the subject have been illustrated by a multiplicity of new examples and exercises, which it has required a long time to amass and arrange
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"Loquendum ut vulgus, sentiendum ut sapientes,"—"We should speak as the vulgar, but think as the wise,
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