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Diabetes de la A a la Z (Diabetes A to Z)

As happens to most people with diabetes, you have probably heard certain words and phrases on the topic of diabetes you do not recognize, or maybe you've read a complicated or confusing subject. Diabetes A to Z, 7th edition, will clarify the confusion and give you simple but informative answers to all your questions, whether you're newly diagnosed with diabetes or have had diabetes for years.This completely revised and updated guide comes packed with the latest information about the personal care of those with diabetes, even on new drugs and treatment guidelines:alcoholblood sugarcomplicationsdietexercisefoot careheart diseaseinsulininsurancekidney complicationsplanning mealspregnancysexweight lossmuch moreNow, when you have important questions about diabetes, or when you simply want to learn more about a topic related to diabetes, fast and confidentially, you can find practical, easy to understand answers in Diabetes A to Z, 7th edition.
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