Angels in the Morning, Sasha Troyan
    Night Train Blues, Edward Hower
    The World in Pieces, Bart Midwood
    Forbidden by Faith, Negeen Papehn
    The Firefighter's Refrain, Loree Lough
    To Catch a Wife, Lee McKenzie
    The Promise He Made Her, Tara Taylor Quinn
    Recipe for Redemption, Anna J. Stewart
    Return to Marker Ranch, Claire McEwen
    The Bridal Bouquet, Tara Randel
    The Bull Rider, Helen DePrima
    Wanted: The Perfect Mom, T.R. McClure
    The Girl He Used to Love, Amy Vastine
    The Saxon Outlaw's Revenge, Elisabeth Hobbes
    At First Touch, Cindy Miles
    Forget Me Not, Marion Ekholm
    Prince Charming Wears a Badge, Lisa Dyson
    The Good Mom, Cathryn Parry
    The Reluctant Rancher, Leigh Riker
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