A.B. Darling Little

Little Therapy

Nessie is eighteen-years old. She shouldn't have to go to a daycare when her parents are too busy to take care of her. But she's just a weak little human in a world of werewolves and vampires and she’s too sweet and innocent to be able to make it on her own without protection.

The caretakers there are trained to keep her safe and they take care of her by treating her like a Little. This is an ab/dl short story with an emphasis on AB.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

She doesn't know what the play pen is for and she's a little frightened, to be honest.

“Now, lets get that skirt off too and get you into diapers, alright baby girl?”

She nods reluctantly and lets him lift her up by hooking his hands under her armpits. Either he's very strong or she's just very light because he over manoeuvres and almost sends her flying towards the ceiling. There's a second where she's in the air and she feels like she's flying. Her face is inches from the ceiling and she can see the intricate designs of the stars up close. And then she falls and her heart speeds up.

He catches her with a playful laugh.

Tears fill her eyes anew as the adrenaline wears off. She starts to cry from the adrenaline crash. She's never been good with surprises like that. Her dad tried to play this game with her before too, forgetting that she's not yet a vampire and she can't fly. She cries, pushing and kicking him away to get back into the crib where it's safe and he's not going to throw her again.

“Sorry. I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean to scare you,” he apologizes hastily, trying to tug her back into his arms. She is having none of that.

“No. No!” she sobs, pushing away and clenching her eyes closed. “No!”

“What did you do, Leo?” A stern voice scolds from the doorway.

“Gave her a little scare,” Leo admits sheepishly. “Note of advice, don't throw her in the air.”

She sniffles and turns to the new face, only to realize it's not a new face at all. It's Julius. He was here the first two times too. Silas isn't as big or tall as Leo, but that's only because he's a vampire and he doesn't need the bulk to be stronger than anyone in the room.

His expression softens when he sees her in the crib. “Hello, baby girl. Do you remember me?”

She nods, reaching her arms out to him and letting him cradle her against his chest. Her nipples brush against his shirt and it's the soft, comfortable material that makes it feel good. She hides her face in the nape of his neck and lets him rub his broad hands on her chest. Unlike Leo, he's fully aware of his own strength and is exceptionally gentle with her.

“She's human, Leo. You have to be gentler with her sort.”

“Human?” Leo's voice is disbelieving. “I thought they're all extinct now.”

Julius scoffs. “Hardly. You're new. You'll be seeing more in the following months. Just be careful with her. She bruises easily and takes forever to heal if you ever get her injured. The last thing we need is a lawsuit on our hands,” he says.

“Does that mean she won't be in the playpen then?” he sounds disappointed.

“Depends on how well she takes the toys,” Julius answers cryptically. His hand on her back moves further down until he is cupping her ass. “I see you haven't gotten her diaper on.”

“Sorry, boss. I was just getting to that.”

“Go get her milk warmed. I've got this.”
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