Steve Jones

Turning On Your Profits Tap: The Seven Secrets to Generating Revenue In Your Business

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Is your profits tap dry?

Why is it some businesses are magnets to their clients whilst other businesses struggle? Do your potential clients call you or is it the other way round? There are seven key factors that separate those perpetually chasing business, and those whose business, money and success chases them. In this book, Steve Jones, an expert in the field, outlines these seven factors and teaches the 'supermarket' approach of how to become a client magnet. Ten phone calls, ten appointments, ten sales – and they'll be calling you.

Learn the secret strategies to becoming so strong in a sales meeting that you have to lose the business, not win it; learn how to make your business more relevant than ever to today’s markets; and learn how to define a clear vision that sets you apart.

Turning on Your Profits Tap is an essential text for any existing or budding entrepreneur, brave business-owner, thinker, or creative looking to transform their business growth.
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