Fiona Mcarthur

Emma Lyrebird Lake 4


Emma Book 4

The Midwives of Lyrebird Lake — where every day brings a miracle.

Loving mother and midwife

Emma's family has always lived in beautiful Lyrebird Lake and she's built a wonderful life for herself and her little daughter. Living the dream, working in midwifery …hiding from the possible destruction of a genetic illness that hangs over her future.

Gorgeous Italian man!

Gianni only meant to stay briefly, but is bowled over by ethereal Emma. He has a home, responsibilities, and a life and family in Italy. But everything changes when he finds out Emma is pregnant.
What if there's another undisclosed fear Emma is hiding…one that could mark their unborn child? Mark Emma? So, many secrets… and yet also, there is the magical myth of the Lyrebirds.
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