Blythe Ayne

Save Your Life with the Power of pH Balance

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Why do gorgeous, fresh, clean little babies smell sweet? Because, chemically, they are predominately composed of sweet smelling, alkaline, mineralized water, and their bodies are pH balanced. To be in optimum health, we need to aspire to keep our bodies in pH balance.
Save Your Life with the Power of pH Balance tells you in straight-forward language the basics of acquiring and maintaining a healthy pH balance, with the result of improved physical health, heightened emotional well-being, and increased longevity.
Here are just a few of the benefits of being pH balanced:
• pH Balance helps banish depression
• pH Balance stimulates brain function
• pH Balance contributes to being happier
• pH Balance stimulates creativity and productivity
• pH Balance contributes to being physically stronger
• pH Balance improves health & happiness in children
• pH Balance assists your body to cure illness/disease
• pH Balance helps weight melt off without hardly trying
• pH Balance Improves health and well-being of elderly loved ones
Save Your Life with the Power of pH Balance provides many specific, concrete, and clear actions you can take now to initiate healthy pH balance.
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