Marilyn Fae

Bound & Humiliated

Kristy makes the terrible mistake of walking out of her job, the only way for her to pay back the loan sharks that she had promised to pay back. She's already behind and it's only a matter of time before their patience runs out.

Well, she's going to pay now, but not in the way she had been expecting. The Vampire King wants her and he's not stingy with his attention. Being more than a thousand years old, he's incapable of siring his own children, so he has enlisted the help of a Werewolf Alpha who is more than willing to be of service.

The Alpha is merciless with her first time, using ropes and leather to keep her bound and at the mercy of their powerful hands. The camera crew recording her humiliation doesn't make things any easier for her either. Luckily for her, she's going to enjoy every second of it.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“Do you know why some vampires prefer human blood, Kristy?”

“We're delicious?” she answers faintly. She feels lightheaded already. She definitely shouldn't have climbed into the car, no matter how intimidating Peter looks.

He makes an appreciative sound, like he's thinking about it already and she should really stop giving him ideas about eating her. “Yes, and your blood isn't mixed with whichever animal Shifters are half of. Shifter blood tastes and smells like animal blood, you see. Vampire blood tastes stale and recycled. Yours, however, is completely untainted. Completely perfect. Just like you, Kristy.”

She laughs, a little hysterical, hoping the little noise would ease the tension in the car. “Why am I here, Mr. Peter?”

He sits back and leans his head, eyes closing. Ironically, the sudden absence of his intense scrutiny on her body makes her feel more tense. “Have you thought about our proposition, Ms. Kristin?” he asks.

She thinks proposition is the right word. He doesn't want just her blood. He wants her body and soul too. She nods. “I don't— If it's about the money, I'll find another job. I'll keep working. You don't have to worry about that. I'll— I'll pay you back.”

He chuckles. “You can work everyday for the rest of your life and you still wouldn't be able to pay me back everything I'm owed, little one,” he says and reaches into the side pocket by the door of the car, retrieving a stack of papers and then putting them in her lap. “Sign these,” he says, dropping the pen on top. “From today onwards, you belong to me.”

Deep down, she had known this was coming from the day she agreed to take his money. Right now, she's wishing she hadn't signed away her rights so easily, wishes she had looked for alternatives.

It's hard to focus her eyes with the nerves eating away inside her, gnawing uncomfortably under her skin with every inhale. «Should— shouldn’t I read these?» she asks, flipping through the pages without reading anything because her eyes are burning with unshed tears and she's panicking inside, heartbeat going erratic, cold sweat forming on her forehead and fingers trembling so hard that the papers shake in her hands. She has to grip it tighter. Even the paper it's printed on feels expensive.

“You could,” he says. “But you have to sign them afterwards anyways. You're already behind on payment and you don't want to know what happens to people who don't pay me back, love.”

She is a little bit curious about what would happen to people who don't pay him back, but she also doesn't want to risk a demonstration. Things like 'complete surrender of basic rights'.
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