Charles Darwin

The Charles Darwin Collection

These three major works by the father of evolutionary theory encompass his life, journey through the Galapagos, and landmark work on natural selection.
On the Origin of Species: In one of the most important contributions to scientific knowledge, Charles Darwin puts forth the theory that species evolve over time through the process of natural selection. Drawn from extensive research performed on various creatures living in the Galápagos Islands, his research suggests that “one species does change into another”—a revolutionary notion that has shaped much of modern biology.
The Autobiography of Charles Darwin: Darwin wrote his autobiography as a family document in 1876. When it was originally published posthumously, certain portions were considered too personal or controversial and were removed. This edition restores those passages, shedding light on the women in Darwin’s life and his evolving views on religion. It also includes previously unpublished notes and letters on family matters, as well as Darwin’s dispute with Samuel Butler.
The Voyage of the Beagle: From volcanoes in the Galápagos to the coral reefs of Australia, this travelogue documents the young naturalist’s historic, years-long journey at sea. Darwin’s observations of the people, places, and events he experienced make for compelling reading and offer a fascinating window into the intellectual development of his ideas about natural selection.
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