Alexandra Aplin

How To Turn Tears, Tantrums & Trauma Into Peace

A story of our journey – healing from the trauma of emotional abuse.
This book is a compilation of the many resources, holistic treatments and supportive avenues that have transformed not only my life, but that of my son.  At the ages of 42 & 12, respectively, myself and my son were diagnosed with ADHD and traumatic brain injury.  Before this, I had absolutely no idea what I was dealing with, our lives were fraught with pain, anger, violence, depression and constant stress.  Is emotional trauma affecting your life and/or your child’s? Are you finding that the “current system” of support is just not working for you? Are you ready, willing and open to trying something completely new? Then you may just find what you are looking for amongst these pages.
My hope is that you will find something that works for you, something to bring about a more peaceful and harmonious life for yourself and your child/children.
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