Jackie Ashenden,Clare Connelly,Stefanie London,J. Margot Critch

The Dare Collection September 2019

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{"strong"=>["The Latest Mills & Boon Dare Collection"]}
The Debt
Faking It Cross My Hart
Forbidden Sins
{"strong"=>["by Jackie Ashenden"]}
{"strong"=>["She owes me a debt…"], “br”=>[nil], “em”=>["And I’m ready to collect!”]}
I didn’t become a billionaire by being a nice guy. Yet my chauffeur asks me to forgive a debt. Ellie Little needs to learn: nothing comes without a price. So I’ll offer her a deal—pretend to be my girlfriend to secure a business deal and I’ll delay calling in my investment. It’s strictly business… isn’t it?
{"strong"=>["by Stefanie London"]}
{"strong"=>["Our marriage is fake…"], “br”=>[nil], “em”=>["But the chemistry between us is dangerously real!”]}
Owen Fletcher is the most irritating man I’ve ever met…and my hottest fantasy! Now we’re going undercover as husband and wife. Getting up close and personal with Owen is messing with my professional focus, but there is a solution: one night to explore our red-hot chemistry…
{"strong"=>["by Clare Connelly"]}
{"strong"=>["“Between now and dawn"], “br”=>[nil], “em”=>["you’re all mine…”"]}
Jagger was a one hundred percent hot, hard-bodied distraction. What I didn't know was that he's one of the Harts, the notorious billionaire brothers, and my newest client! Now Jagger Hart holds both my career and my body. What happens when he steals my heart, too?
{"strong"=>["by J.Margot Critch"]}
{"strong"=>["Illicit pleasures…"], “br”=>[nil], “em”=>["…are harder to resist!”]}
After a flirty encounter with a stranger in Vegas Gabe Foster wakes up alone…with a hangover and a wedding band on his left hand. Worse…his new “wife” is also his boss’s daughter, Ellie. She’s definitely off limits now, but that only makes their connection harder to resist…
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