Eichmann in Jerusalem, Hannah Arendt
Hannah Arendt

Eichmann in Jerusalem

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Crazy Nut
Crazy Nutcompartió una citahace 2 años
If these had been the only justifications for bringing Adolf Eichmann to the District Court of Jerusalem, the trial would have been a failure on most counts.
Мария Караваева
Мария Караваеваcompartió una citahace 2 años
Clearly, this courtroom is not a bad place for the show trial David Ben-Gurion, Prime Minister of Israel, had in mind when he decided to have Eichmann kidnaped in Argentina and brought to the District Court of Jerusalem to stand trial for his role in the “final solution of the Jewish question.” And Ben-Gurion, rightly called the “architect of the state,” remains the invisible stage manager of the proceedings.
Salmon July
Salmon Julycompartió una citahace 5 años
Her intuitions on the nature of political evil may find more sympathetic ears these days than when the book was first published. Evil, as she saw it, need not be committed only by demonic monsters but—with disastrous effect—by morons and imbeciles as well, especially if, as we see in our own day, their deeds are sanctioned by religious authority.

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