Admissions, Henry Marsh
Henry Marsh


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The International Bestseller
«Consistently entertaining…Honesty is abundantly apparent here—a quality as rare and commendable in elite surgeons as one suspects it is in memoirists.» —The Guardian
«Disarmingly frank storytelling…his reflections on death and dying equal those in Atul Gawande's excellent Being MortalThe Economist
Following the publication of Do No Harm, Dr. Henry Marsh retired from his position at a hospital in London. But his career continued, taking him to remote hospitals in places such as Nepal and Ukraine, where he offers his services as surgeon and teacher to those in need. Now, Marsh considers the challenges of working in those difficult conditions, alongside the challenges of putting a career of forty years behind you and finding further purpose in life and work.
In Admissions, Marsh offers a thoughtful, perceptive consideration of…
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