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David Peterson


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In today’s market place, establishing efficient, effective solutions to shifting trends creates challenges for every organization. Apart from finding the right solution, organizations have to implement them successfully while building upon existing solutions. Now, David G. Peterson proposes a roadmap to the management of solutions through the alignment of people, processes and best practices. His new book, Handling the Remedy: Alignment, was created to offer a clear, holistic plan to effectively align the organisation, improve productivity and increase the bottom line.

This book is certain to enable you to both identify effective solutions – and to facilitate them in an efficient and seamless way. Engaging, innovative, and highly readable, Handling the Remedy: Alignment offers an invaluable strategy to help different departments work more cohesively, and the company as a whole to perform better. It is required reading for business and IT managers who are committed to identifying emerging challenges, devising a solution, and ensuring that the solution is carried out in a manner that delivers the best results possible. In short, every company must learn how to “handle the remedy.”
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