Melissa Broder

Milk Fed

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A scathingly funny, wildly erotic and fiercely imaginative story about food, sex and god from the Women's Prize longlisted author of The Pisces


'Sexy and fun and a little weird… This riot of carnal pleasure will make you laugh as well as gasp' The Times
'A revelation… Melissa Broder has produced one of the strangest and sexiest novels of the new year … Exhilarating' Entertainment Weekly

'A luscious, heartbreaking story of self-discovery through the relentless pursuit of desire. I couldn't get enough of this devastating and extremely sexy book' Carmen Maria Machado, author of Her Body and Other Parties
Rachel is twenty-four, a lapsed Jew who has made calorie restriction her religion. By day, she maintains an illusion of control by way of obsessive food rituals. At night, she pedals nowhere on the elliptical machine.
Then Rachel meets Miriam, a young Orthodox Jewish woman intent upon feeding her. Rachel is suddenly and powerfully entranced by Miriam — by her sundaes and her body, her faith and her family — and as the two grow closer, Rachel embarks on a journey marked by mirrors, mysticism, mothers, milk, and honey.
Pairing superlative emotional insight with unabashed vivid fantasy, Melissa Broder tells a tale of appetites: of physical hunger, of sexual desire, of spiritual longing. Milk Fed is a tender and riotously funny meditation on love, certitude, and the question of what we are all being fed, from one of our major writers on the psyche — both sacred and profane.
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    Vicky Sabelcompartió su opiniónhace 3 meses
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    Crudo y retorcido. Igual que la relación que muchas mujeres tenemos con la alimentación, el peso y el sexo. Interesante ver desde adentro como una mujer en sus 20 esta tan o más perdida de lo que todas nos debemos sentir ❤️

    Natalija Kuznecovcompartió su opiniónhace 3 meses
    👍Me gustó

    gecompartió su opiniónhace 9 meses
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    302 Rizvi Khadijacompartió una citahace 4 meses
    Worse yet, his wife had just given birth to twin daughters and he now identified as a “feminist.” Ofer was acquiring a perfunctory knowledge of social justice, as dictated by thinkpieces on diversity, inclusion, and equal pay in the Hollywood Reporter.
    valeriacompartió una citael año pasado
    My mother gave birth to twins: myself and fear.
    —Thomas Hobbes
    jimena astridcompartió una citahace 2 meses
    mantaschen with Dr. Brown’s diet soda. I slurped around matzo balls, set boundaries with bagels, found safety in pickles—so low-calorie, baruch hashem.

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