Daisy Rose

Lost Little Wolf

Being one of the last female werewolves left in the country makes Anya special and desirable to unmated werewolves. Yet, for Anya, it means she is never safe. Werewolf packs from all over are out to get her. In order to keep her safe, Anya's brother locks her up in their cottage in the middle of nowhere.

When her brother gets sick, she leaves the sanctuary of their home to look for help, only to fall straight into a den of Werewolves who are all-too-eager to show her just how special she is.

Lost Little Wolf is a steamy short story with an innocent werewolf and a group of powerful shifters.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

She tries to make herself smaller at the sight of the intimidating man. He has dark skin, as black as the night, and eyes that are brighter than the sun. He towers over the old man, not just in height, but also his muscles. His black hair is short and curled, sticking an inch from his head like a dense nest. The only thing marring his perfect complexion is the claw marks across his face, three jagged white lines drawn from one side of his face to the other.

She realizes she is staring but can't bring herself to stop.

“Hello,” he greets smoothly, seeming calm and poised, but his gaze is very intent on her.

She shifts uncomfortably, feeling the urge to run and hide. His nostrils flare and she stops breathing as though that's enough to keep him from finding out what she is.

“Well,” he grins, all teeth and danger. “This is a lovely surprise. Who might you be?”

“That's Anya,” Gideon volunteers readily. “She's here for Will too,” the man says before she can answer, completely ignorant of the tension in the air. “Aren't you?” At her nod, he continues, “She's just waiting for Will to come back.”

“Are you?” Malik hasn't stopped grinning.

She nods, biting her lip in nervous fear. “Maybe-" she starts, and then swallows the lump in her throat and continues, “Maybe I'll come back later.”

Her feet move before her mind gives them permission to bear a retreat. She tries to move past him towards the door, but his hand shoots out and he's grasping her arm. The old man finally senses that something's not right. He jerks forward as though to help and then thinks better and stays where he is instead.

“Malik, what are you doing?”

“I see your lot has been keeping something from us, old man.” His voice is level, but there's something about his tone that makes the hair on her arm rise.

Gideon snaps his mouth shut before he can say anything else that may incriminate himself, which is probably for the best.

“Alpha Peter ordered everyone to report any unmated werewolves to him,” Malik says, eyes glowing an ethereal gold as he turns his attention to her. “You've been hiding her from us, haven't you?”

Gideon's eyes widen. «I don't know what you're talking about. She's here for a doctor.”

Malik doesn't seem impressed by the little story. «You’re coming with me," he says, tightening his grip on her arm. She tries to yank her arm free but it's like trying to move a brick wall.

“You can't-" she cries, pulling back with all the strength she has.

“Why not?” he asks, looking at her now, genuinely curious to hear her answer.

“I already have an Alpha. I'm mated,” she lies.

He pauses, watching her with eyes that seem to be able to see straight through her lies. Without warning, he yanks her towards him, pulling him to his chest. He bends down and noses her neck, warm breath tickling her skin. “You don't smell mated,” he says.

Her breath hitches. She pushes her palms against his chest and tries to free herself uselessly. He's too strong. A calloused hand pinches her chin and tilts her head to the side. His tongue swipes over her neck, all the way up to rabbiting pulse behind her ear.

It feels strange, a shiver crawling through her skin. Not completely unpleasant either, which surprises her as much as it scares her. She feels herself growing limp in his grasp, her muscles relaxing against her will.
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