Napoleon Hill

New Thought Super Pack #1

The New Thought Movement paved the way for the modern prosperity movement. It was the New Thought writers who first brought attention to the concept of manifesting wealth, right thinking, and the power of positive thinking. Without their landmark works, many of today’s best selling prosperity books could not have been written. Now together for the first time are ten more of the most important books ever written on the subject of Wealth and Success by the best New Thought writers. We’ve gathered another 1,000+ pages of the best advice and instruction that you’ll ever receive on how to become successful, for one incredibly reasonable price. The writers in this volume are all legendary and for good reason. It’s time to stop hoping for success and do something about getting it. This book will guide you every step of the way.

Collected in this omnibus edition are: ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill; ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace D. Wattles; ‘The Master Key System’ by Charles F. Haanel; ‘In Tune With The Infinite’ by Ralph Waldo Trine; ‘Creative Mind and Success’ by Ernest Holmes; ‘The Game of Life and How to Play It’ by Florence Scovel Shinn; ‘Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success’ by James Allen; ‘Mind Power: The Secret of Mental Magic’ by William Walker Atkinson; ‘The Power of Awareness’ by Neville Goddard; and ‘The Success System That Never Fails’ by William Clement Stone.
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    Stephanie Siebertcompartió una citahace 5 meses
    When you attain control of the internal direction of your attention, you will no longer stand in shallow water, but will launch out into the deep of life. You will walk in the assumption of the wish fulfilled as on a foundation more solid even than earth
    Stephanie Siebertcompartió una citahace 5 meses
    all progress comes from those who do not take the accepted view, nor accept the world as it is. As was stated heretofore, if you can imagine what you please, and if the forms of your thought are as vivid as the forms of nature, you are, by virtue of the power of your imagination, master of your fate.
    Stephanie Siebertcompartió una citahace 5 meses
    The great secret of success is to focus the attention on the feeling of the wish fulfilled without permitting any distraction


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