Lisa Childs,Dani Collins,Catherine Mann,Michelle Douglas,Amy Ruttan,Susan Meier

The Best Of February 2016

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{"strong"=>["Want a taste of Mills and Boon®? This exciting collection brings together M&B’s Modern, Desire, Medical, Cherish and Romantic Suspense in six thrillingly romantic stories. So here’s to having your cake and eating it too!"]}
The Consequence He Must Claim by Dani Collins
After surviving a car crash, Cesar Montero lost his memories of the ardent hours he shared with PA Sorcha Kelly. So when he discovers that their time together resulted in a lasting consequence, he’s determined to claim his child — and relive that white-hot night with Sorcha!
Pregnant with a Royal Baby! by Susan Meier
Prince Dominic Sancho has always lived up to his family’s expectations. Until one irresistibly spontaneous night with teacher Ginny Jones has dramatic repercussions — she’s carrying his heir! Now there’s only one solution: a royal wedding…
His Shock Valentine’s Proposal by Amy Ruttan
New doctor in town Esme Petersen is direct competition for GP Carson Ralston — and he isn’t pleased. Especially as she threatens the barriers he’s built around his heart. But as the battle for power heats up, rivalry soon turns to insatiable passion.
His Pregnant Princess Bride by Catherine Mann
Louisiana billionaire Gervais Reynaud has no time for romance. But he can't say no to a tryst with Erika Mitras. She may be a princess but she’s in no way prim or proper. But now Gervais must pay the price for their passion — he’s going to be a father…to royal twins!
A Deal to Mend Their Marriage by Michelle Douglas
Antiques dealer Caroline Fielding is more married to her job than she is to dashing Jack Pearce. After five years apart, their relationship should be over — only when Jack shows up asking for a divorce, their chemistry is as strong as ever!
Bodyguard Daddy by Lisa Childs
For a year, Milek Kozminski grieved the loss of his ex-fiancée Amber Talsma and their son. But when he learns they're actually alive, the bodyguard will do anything to keep them that way—and protect them at all costs….
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