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M.J. Ryan

Attitudes of Gratitude in Love

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"e;We can have happier and more joy-filled relationships if we focus on what's right about them rather than what's wrong,"e; writes M. J. Ryan in Attitudes of Gratitude in Love, the follow-up to her bestselling Attitudes of Gratitude. In her characteristically down-to-earth style, Ryan helps readers use the practice of gratitude to get back in touch with why they fell in love in the first place and deepen the love between partners, no matter how long they've been together. The book is divided into two sections — the attitudes of gratitude that bring our personal lives more joy, peace, and love, and the simple behaviors we can begin to practice to change any relationship for the better, right this moment.
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    When we see learning as the goal, it is much easy to accept and appreciate the more difficult lessons. For no learning happens inside our comfort zone—we do what we've always done and get the results we always got; that's why it feels comfortable. True learning happens outside the comfort zone—when we are stretched beyond our current definitions of ourselves and forced to try something new.
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