Rick Bass

The Lives of Rocks

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“Stop-in-your-tracks short stories” of survival, sorrows, and the power of our connection to the earth (Booklist, starred review).
New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice
Rocky Mountain News Best Book of the Year
Finalist for the Story Prize
At once expertly crafted and undeniably moving, these ten stories deftly explore our immutable connection with nature. The centerpiece of the collection is the arresting title story, in which a woman alone in her mountain cabin confronts a terminal illness. In the equally remarkable “Her First Elk,” the same character recalls her most memorable and significant hunting experience. Set in locations ranging from Montana to Texas to Mississippi, the remaining stories further illuminate the consequences of our attitudes toward the environment and each other. This masterly collection lays bare the essentials of life with unparalleled passion and grace.
“Bass captures quiet human truths amidst his astonishing portraits of life in the wilderness.” —People
“Nature is as much a character in this sterling collection . . . .as are any of the oddly off-center but otherwise endearing people who inhabit it.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“Digs deeply into the geology of the human condition . . . highly polished gems.” —Seattle Times
“One of this country’s most intelligent and sensitive short-story writers.” —The New York Times Book Review
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