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Three Men for Heather

Heather's life was hectic enough. She had a wedding to plan, things to take care of at her job before the honeymoon, a reception to get in order, friends and relatives to pick up at the airport. But she was happy. Her life was on track and her future looked brighter than she could have ever possibly imagined. And then he came back into her life…
It turned out that her fiancé's best man, an old college friend from out of town named Bob, just happened to be Heather's first love and summer fling from fifteen years prior, and her fiancé never had a clue! Should she tell him? Would the old flame be reignited? Would Heather be able to keep her arousal under wraps and keep it together until the wedding?
And things get even more complicated when yet another friend arrives, and he just happens to be the hottest (and *ahem* blessed) guy she's ever seen! The sexual tension, the steamy sex scenes, and the erotic, sensual scenes are at a boiling point in Three Men for Heather! It's a comedy of errors blended with some of the hottest writing around!
And don't worry. Three is certainly not a crowd when Heather's involved!
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