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Lust & Monsters Book Bundle/Anthology

Sometimes, love comes in the form of monsters. In these complete short stories, innocent young women fall prey to dangerous beasts that seek to subdue and dominate them completely. The submissive damsels are overpowered and outnumbered, surrendering to vampires, werewolves, and demons…

In Lust & Monsters Books 1 — 3, young and innocent Anna falls for is a demon she accidentally summons in a satanic ritual. The sexy demon isn't patient when it comes to fulfilling his carnal desires and breaches her every defense to control and dominate her body. The innocent young woman is in more trouble than she can handle when another sexy alpha male falls for her.

She is completely helpless as these two savage beasts fight show her just to whom she belongs…

Lust & Monsters Books 4 — 6 begins with eighteen-year-old Raelynn, whose life is thrown into complete turmoil when she falls into the clutches of bloodthirsty vampires.

The only thing keeping her safe is a mysterious werewolf who has appointed himself her protector. He devastates her control and takes her for the first time. To her horror, he then shares her with a vampire who wants her body in exchange for the protection he can offer.

Pleasure and pain intertwines as Rae is compelled to surrender everything to these strange beasts, hot longing squeezing her loins and flooding her senses, making her succumb without thought of the consequences of taking multiple lovers at the same time.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

It was a full week before I decided that I was never leaving the apartment if I waited for the love bites on my body to fade. Dante was doing it on purpose, leaving his marks on my skin on places that couldn't be easily hidden so people would know that I was his.

“We should introduce ourselves to the neighbors,” I declared, having made up my mind only an hour before the dinner party. I was no longer walking with a limp and I was eager for some fresh air. “Have you filled in the forms for the apartment?” I asked.

He nodded absently from the door, leaning against it as he had done for the past half an hour, just staring. I had gotten used to the way he looked at me as if he was ready to swallow me whole.

I closed the laptop and dangled my feet off the bed. The sun was barely starting to set but Dante looked like he was ready to call it a day already when he walked towards me.

“Dante! I'm serious,” I said, pulling away when he pinned me to the bed with his arms on my shoulders, pushing me back down.

“Why?” he asked, kissing the nape of my neck. I moaned when I felt him suck the small, bruised skin into his mouth to reaffirm his mark.

“Dante, at this rate I'll be black and blue all over,” I whispered, my hands tightening on his arms.

“Beautiful,” he breathed as he kissed down the dip of my collar, pushing the buttoned blouse aside so he could burrow his face further down my breasts.

“Dante, I wanna meet the neighbors later!” I gasped, pushing him away seriously. He looked slightly hurt, but nodded with a light smile.

“Fine,” he said, pulling me to my feet but keeping his arms around my waist. “But we will continue this after,” he promised.

I gulped and nodded.

My eyes widened when I saw how his form changed from the horned demon to a perfectly ordinary human male, his skin tone turning creamier, more alive. He was still incredibly sexy. “I prefer you with horns,” I said out loud, then blushed when I realized what I had done.

He grinned. “I prefer you naked.”

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