Djali Brown-Cepeda,Victoria Muñoz-Lepore

La Nuevayorkina de Nuevayorkinos

La Nuevayorkina de Nuevayorkinos tells the story of the founder of the digital photo archive Nuevayorkinos, Djali Brown-Cepeda. Who is Djali? And, what inspired her to create and sustain an Instagram based community of over 30 thousand people documenting and sharing their individual and collective stories of the New York City Latinx experience? Read on (in comprehensible Spanish!) to find out!

This is a comprehensible input novel in Spanish. Comprehensible input novels are short readers written for language learners in the target language using high frequency phrases. This novela can also be incorporated as an independent reading choice for heritage student learners and speakers of Spanish and/or as a foundation from which to build a curriculum unit for low intermediate Spanish language learners and beyond. Questions are included in the final chapter that encourage personal reflection about heritage, roots, storytelling, documentation, and community.
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