Thomas DiPaolo


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In the year 2032 a series of strange and unexplained UFO sightings will occur throughout the world. Having been overwhelmed with science fiction depictions of alien spacecraft and apocalyptic results; all of humanity brace and prepare for war. All but one single man knows the reality of what is about to happen. He alone must bear the weight of that knowledge and what actions to take. He alone knows these visitors are not what they seem. He alone knows their capabilities and most importantly their origins which far exceed the imagination of any.
In a myriad of changing circumstances and varying perceptions of reality, all struggle to keep up and understand. Before the end, humanity in all of its developmental stages will combine and engage in a chess match between what is real and what is perceived. Unlikely alliances will form, mass hysteria ensue and none will be left untouched. Humanity both past and present will be forever changed in the delicate and interlocking web of time and events.
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