Orlando Jay Perez

The Patient Experience

Doctors, nurses, and other caregivers provide the most intimate of services: the health and healing of our bodies, minds, and spirits. When one human being cares for another, it should call forth our best efforts and bring with it remarkable job satisfaction. Yet we find that medical professionals today are stressed, overburdened and often discouraged, with job-satisfaction rates at an all-time low.

In The Patient Experience, Orlando Jay Perez, VP Institutional Ministries, taps into new research and powerful stories from patients and caregivers to reveal the purpose and promise of modern medical care. Perez keeps his focus on the balance between consistently
superior clinical performance and reliably purposeful interactions that bring meaning
and healing to patient and caregiver alike. In this book you will learn:
• The 3 acts of The Patient Experience
• The one driving principle behind raising patient satisfaction
• How to create moments of heartfelt, intentional hope communicated by word or deed

The AdventHealth Healthcare & Leadership Monograph Series is an innovative teaching and
learning tool from the largest admitting hospital in America. Ideal for healthcare professionals, leadership innovators, researchers, teachers, students, and other pioneering professionals-each volume provides focused, relevant training for individuals and organizations with break-through thinking on a wide variety of healthcare and leadership topics.

The monograph series includes a number of unique features that make them:
Authoritative — All monographs are written by leading experts in their field and peer reviewed for publication.Practical — With an emphasis on outcomes, each monograph moves beyond theory to focus on providing useful solutions professionals can put into practice right away and experience results.Concise — Each volume covers its topic succinctly-usually in 75 pages or less. Brief, but never shallow, they are perfect for busy professionals seeking fresh insights in under two hours.Holistic — Monographs seek to cover each topic from a Whole Person Health perspective. That is, recognition that health, healing and personal growth occur best in an environment where mind, body and spirit are nurtured.
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