Joel Stern

Origami Zoo

Children and beginners will love folding origami animals of every kind with this easy origami-for-kids ebook.Origami Zoo is designed to stimulate your child's imagination and creativity through the age-old art of paper folding. It contains instructions and patterned folding papers for thirteen adorable animals along with life-like trees and people (zoo visitors) who together form a complete zoo. Each character comes with simple folding instructions and the colorful papers can be folded up in just a few minutes.This origami ebook contains: Full-color 48 page booklet Clear, step-by-step diagrams and instructions Free downloadable content 15 fun origami projectsOrigami projects include: Python Lion Crocodile Panda Peacock Sear LionElephant And many more!The Origami Zoo Kit will provide hours of enjoyment for your kids while at the same time teaching them a valuable new skill!
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