Carole Mortimer,Amanda McCabe,Sarah Mallory,Ann Lethbridge,Helen Dickson,Bronwyn Scott,Marguerite Kaye,Joanna Fulford

Castonbury Park

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{"strong"=>["Survival of the fittest is fine, as long as you’re the one on top…but the family that had everything is about to lose it all…"]}
The Napoleonic Wars have ended, claiming the life of the Montague heir, Lord Jamie. The war-time profits that once significantly padded the family coffers are over. Rumour has it the grand family isn’t what it used to be.
When a stranger notifies the family that her son is Lord Jamie’s heir, it’s a blow that threatens the very foundations of the Montague dynasty. It is now up to each Montague to decide for themselves the shape their destiny will take in a world where pride and power war for the greatest prize of all.
Includes The Wicked Lord Montague by Carole Mortimer, The Housemaid's Scandalous Secret by Helen Dickson, The Lady Who Broke the Rules by Marguerite Kaye, Lady of Shame by Ann Lethbridge, The Illegitimate Montague by Sarah Mallory, Unbefitting a Lady by Bronwyn Scott, Redemption of a Fallen Woman by Joanna Fulford, and A Stranger at Castonbury by Amanda McCabe
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