Juliana Baldec

60 Cleansing Smoothie Recipes With High Speed Blenders & Juicers

This is a compilation of 3 books. This compilation includes: Book 1: Book 1: Clean Eating Book 2: 16 Blender Recipes For Smoothie Diet & Detox Diet Book 3: Book 3: Book 6: Juicing Recipes For Vitality & Health From one of America's most passionate advocates of turning common & sick making food choice into a healthy & balanced lifestyle that includes 5 minute quick & effortless to make, tasty, healthy, vitality and energy boosting smoothies & juices. Juliana Baldec is combining smoothies, juices, her secret morning elixir, that she is going to share with you inside & a light meal plan and has lost 40 pounds within 60 days. Consuming a combination of these smoothies and juicing recipes will help your body get rid of sick making toxins, boost your vitality & energy, get rid of nasty body conditions like Asthma, rejuvenate your body, provide your body with a natural immune system, detoxify & clean your body, turn your body into a lean body, shed pounds & more…
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    1 portion of frozen mixed berries

    unsweetened almond milk

    half of a banana

    1 scoop of protein powder

    5 Minute Quick Nutribullet Preparation:

    You are encouraged to use your favorite protein powder.

    Make a concoction of the ingredients by blending them together continuously for 15-20 seconds.
    ritahucompartió una citahace 5 años
    Top blenders are brands like the Nutribullet, Vitamix, Revoblend, etc.

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