Roger Bray

Blood Ribbon

Brooke Adams has had a troubled past but is now a confident young woman with a close-knit group of friends who have become her family. When a weekend getaway ends with a bloody, savage attack that leaves her near death on the beach, she is determined not to let the traumatic experience define her.
Recovering in hospital she is approached by retired cop turned PI Rod Morgan and Brooke is shocked to learn a striking similarity between her attack and a series of killings stretching back 35 years. Will Brooke piece together the unsolved beach murders and reclaim her future, or will a clever killer put more victims six feet under the dunes?
Blood Ribbon is a tightly-woven standalone thriller. If you like dark mysteries, chilling suspense, and survivors battling incredible odds, then you'll love this gripping page-turner.
305 páginas impresas
Publicación original
Roger Smith, Undertow



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