Sherrill Bodine

A Soldier's Heart

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When budding passion is interrupted by war, a soldier and his wife fight for their love in this Regency romance from the author of The Rake's Redemption. When the handsome Lord Matthew Blackwood approached her, Serena Fitzwater immediately knew they were meant to be together. Bold and brash, the qualities that made him an excellent soldier at the Battle of Waterloo made him Serena's soulmate as well. A storybook romance and marriage followed, only to be interrupted when Matthew is once again called to the frontlines. When Matthew returns, he's no longer the knight in shining armor of Serena's fairy tale dreams. Wounded in action, this man is a stranger. But Serena too has changed. The nave young bride has blossomed, and now Matt and Serena must take the threads of yesterday and weave a new beginning. As the new battle of hearts begins, Serena is determined to win the day, and preserve a love worth fighting for. ';A talented author with a real gift for linking the modern reader to the glamorous past.' RT Book Reviews
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