A.J. Wyatt

Loyalty that Binds: Cosa Nostra Series Book One

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    Duty. Loyalty. Family.

    Neal Sanders is the heir to one of the most powerful Mafia Families in New York City. It’s time for him to take his rightful place as Don. However Neal didn’t expect there to be certain conditions… an arranged marriage. He never intended to get married and lives his life serving his Family and La Cosa Nostra.
    Amelia Hudgens is a nursing student with a plan for her life. Graduate, get married, have children. It’s what every girl wants… right? Meeting a handsome stranger changes everything for her. She got more than she bargained for as she falls deeper and deeper into the dark edges of the New York Underworld.
    Neal has always done what is expected of him, until he met her. He didn’t expect Amelia to crack open the very foundation his life is built upon. She didn’t expect the future Don to steal her heart and make her question the plan set out for her.
    Will she be able to handle the New York Underworld?
    Will he be able to resist her and stay true to his contract?
    Or will their love be the downfall of all they’ve ever known?

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