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Summary: Awakening the Entrepreneur Within Michael Gerber

This work offers a summary of the book “AWAKENING THE ENTREPRENEUR WITHIN SUMMARY: How Ordinary People Can Create Extraordinary Companies” by Michael Gerber.

“Everyone and anyone has the potential to become an entrepreneur and to create a highly successful company.” So says the 'EMyth' entrepreneur Michael Gerber in this thoughtprovoking and motivational summary. Many of us do not fulfil our entrepreneurial potential because we don't have the tools to take a great idea from the drawing board direct to the boardroom. Help is at hand though, in Gerber's 'four dimensions'.

The budding entrepreneur must think of him/herself as having four personalities: the dreamer, the thinker, the storyteller and the leader. Follow this progression and you can turn an idea into a viable business prospect. Gerber's structure helps you to mould your idea into something marketable, teaches you how to give your business a unique 'story' and offers real solutions to the challenges you'll inevitably face on the road to business success.

Once your inner entrepreneur is fully awakened and your dream business is up and running, Gerber offers a route to expansion; use his 'golden pyramid' to take your new company to enterprise status. The ideas in this summary offer a brilliant guide to how you can build and be your own business and a globally successful one at that.
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