The Unforced Rhythms Of Grace, John Brooks
John Brooks

The Unforced Rhythms Of Grace

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God chose to give us life and to grant us the gift of free will……..knowing long before our first breath was drawn that the time would come when we would choose to selfishly turn our backs on him……..and He still chose grace. His love for us is immeasurable and I believe, unable to be fully understood by our finite minds. We simply have to accept it on faith alone.

Not a moment passes, nor is a breath taken…….. the sun does not rise or set, the world does not turn on its axis, and the universe would cease to exist without this thing called grace. Darkness and hopelessness would reign supreme and death would be the end of all things. But instead……..we were given the gift of grace, and because of that gift death is forever defeated. Like water spiraling down a drain, the power that death held over us has been drained in the finality of the cross! Hope and grace now reign supreme. God's love for us is relentless……..
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