David Moon


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Blood drips from Laura’s red lips as the taste of human flesh sends an electric shock throughout her body, mind and soul fanning the flames of her hunger which drives her from one body to the next. As she feeds, her victims slowly rise and search out flesh. Laura wasn't always a monster. Just months ago she was a retired businesswoman who decided to undergo a radical nanotech treatment. The machines injected into her made her young again. Everything was going well until an accident drained her body of blood. The machines prime directive is to save their host so they radically changed her to save her. As Laura and her victims feed their hunger sates. They see the infection spreading rapidly. They hatch a plan to control the infection to save humanity…for dinner. While Laura's group organizes, the infection spreads leaving in its wake zombies, blood drinking vampires and one pissed off werewolf. A clash is coming between these groups in this new world. Will Laura's group survive? Will any of them survive?
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