Alex McGrath

The Desperate

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Her world was turned upside down. Then the aliens arrived.

35-year-old heiress Ellie Hampton is alarmed when she discovers a lump on her breast. Unfortunately for her, the discovery happens on the same day that the world learns that aliens are coming, and she is stranded in rural Kentucky without anyone to help her.

The clinic at Fort Knox is still operational, so Ellie heads out in hopes of getting help. But the military base is one of the first stops for the aliens, and now Ellie and her new friend, a teenage girl in need of a C-section, must survive not only their desperate situations, but the destruction wrought by the aliens.

The end may come sooner than anyone could have imagined.

The Desperate is Alex McGrath’s novel set in the bestselling Invasion Universe, a dark, tense pageturner full of destruction and hope. Pick up your copy today.
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