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The Billionaire and His Christmas Wish

Alyssa moved to Kemp, Texas three months ago with her boyfriend, a person she thought she would marry. She also used the move as an opportunity to leave behind her broken family, her parents are divorced and continue to fight even though she is grown and out of college. 
Her boyfriend breaks up with her at the Christmas party at Chad Carstairs factory. Everyone is a witness to the humiliation, including the billionaire boss. He has decided to dump her and work on an oil rig, leaving Alyssa with a rental agreement she cannot afford on her own and no one to help her out. 
She runs right into Chad when she tries to escape the office floor via the elevator. He isn't an opportunist, willing to sleep with just anyone. Something about Alyssa makes him decide to offer her something that could turn out bad for him. But, he is tired of girls throwing themselves at him for his money. 
Alyssa has always been quiet, hardworking, and ignored him. Could she be his answer to love? He decides to test her. Will she have sex with him and take his money to pay the full rent she owes or will she slap him and quit. 
He takes her to his office under the guise of letting her clean her face and regain her composure. While up there, he makes the offer.
Alyssa is angry at first. How can this man offer such a deal, for sex, who does he think she is? She nearly quits, but knows she cannot afford to leave her job. She needs the money. But, there is something that she won't mind bargaining for because it does not involve being this cad's mistress. She is going to blackmail him into giving her the executive assistant position. She is qualified for it, with her schooling and he owes her for being so rude. The salary will be enough to pay rent and keep food on the table.
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