Bilingual Parallel Spanish Reading on Five Topics, Listen Read Listen
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Bilingual Parallel Spanish Reading on Five Topics

Bilingual Parallel Spanish Reading on 5 topics is the accompanying text for Bilingual Parallel Spanish Listening on Five Topics. It’s the read portion of the Listen, Read and Listen again approach. Trying to listen to a whole bunch of Spanish content that you don’t really understand can be frustrating. So instead, let’s use the baby steps method from Listen Read Listen. Let’s slowly get your ears used to the sound of Spanish by listening to the bite-sized, bilingual version first. Build your vocabulary in a stress-free bilingual environment. Learn new phrases through an engaging story context. Then tackle listening entirely in Spanish. In Bilingual Parallel Spanish listening, you will hear two native speakers of Spanish read you the bilingual version of an article or story. Then you will have an opportunity to double-check everything you heard with the complimentary ebook. Finally, listen to the text entirely in Spanish. Listen to it as often as you wish. By listening to this series, which includes articles on Finance, Fitness, Politics, Health, and food, you’ll be able to both build your vocabulary and move past just conversational topics. Mastering Spanish Listening skills is now possible. Just listen, read, and listen again.
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