Elizabeth Goddard

Sheltering Love

Graeme's discoveries might be his downfall. Graeme has existed in a state of dread for far too long. Conducting research high in the crowns of ancient redwoods, he's almost convinced that he's not hiding like a coward from the demons of his past. That is, until stunning Alexa discovers him and tips over his world in the treetops. Then he's torn between revealing what he's found. . . and disappearing altogether. This is Alexa's last chance to prove she's capable of producing an award-winning documentary. But she never expected she'd have to return to the place she fled years ago. A place that still holds nightmares for her. When Graeme stands in the way of completing her work, Alexa wants to know why. As their greatest fears collide in the heart of the wilderness, Alexa and Graeme must learn to trust in God's plan, not only for the moment, but for the rest of their lives. Can they each bury the past long enough to nurture love?
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